T Terms of Service


1. TEC reserves the right to amend or add to the contents of our Terms of Service if ever deemed necessary. If any amendments do occur. We will not inform anybody of the changes made to our Terms of Service.

2. To complete the exchange we reserve the right to ask you about funds source.

3. We will not accept the transfer by a third party. You must transfer to us in your own name to finish the transaction.

PayPal Terms:

1. Your account needs to be under your own real full name and verified. Then, the limit per transaction for new clients will be $10.00 and 1 transaction per day.

2. If the account it is not under your own real full name and/or it is not verified, then 5% extra fee will be added to the original fee. And the limit per transaction will drop to $5.00 and 1 transactions every 2 days.

3. Old clients who keep coming to trade over and over again will have bigger limits per transaction and ofcourse more transactions per day if needed. For example $20 per trade and 1 trade per day, later $30 per trade and 1 trade per day. Or $20 per trade and 2 trades per day. And so on...